Description: Woody plant up to 15 m high, with smooth bark. Pinnate leaves with 5-8 pairs of crenulated leaflets. White flowers in corymb floral. The fruit is red and with latex.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in forests, in hilly areas and alpine areas.

Parts used: Ripened fruits (Sorbi aucupariae fructus)  

Harvest time: Fruits are harvested in autumn.

Drying: Fruits are dried in oven at 55 0C, or under the sunshine. Ratio: 6:1.

Therapeutic category: Laxative, sugar for diabetics.

Use: It is used against neurological disorders, diabetes, arthritis, diarrhoea. Sorbitol is used in restaurants as a regulator and stabilizer of the body.

Preparation and dosage: An oral dosage should contain 20-30 g. of sorbitol as a laxative and sweetener.

Status: Traditional medicine