Winter savory

Description: Perennial plant, almost like a shrub with flower bearing stems, usually 10-40 cm, pubescent or glabrous. lissom -lanceolate leaves; glabrous with the exception of lips of cilia, more or less glandular. The calyx is 4-9 mm, tube type, with sharp teeth. The corolla is 6-14 mm, usually light rosy, rarely purple.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in stony slopes, dried pastures and even in mountains.

Parts used:  Areal parts the herb (Saturea montanae herba)

Harvest time: July-September

Drying: Drying is done in ovens at 45 0C or shade in places with air circulation. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Stomachic, carminative.

Use: It is used as a tea for digestive support, helps the stomach, removes intestines bloating, promotes the removal of phlegm and it is anti-diarrheal medicament.

Preparation and dosage: 2-4 g. of dried herbs in a cup of boiling water. It is used during the day.

Status: Traditional medicine