Description: Stalk-less perennial herbaceous plant, with thick fleshy roots, fulvous outside and white inside. Leaves placed in a rosette, long, green and glabrous, pinnately cleft and with a sharp apex. Flowers are placed in heads floral and yellow in colour. The fruit is achene with hairs dispersed by wind.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in pastures, meadows, parks, near the streets etc.

Parts used: The new and fresh leaves, roots or both (Taraxi radix cum herba).

Harvest time: Flowers and leaves are harvested in spring (III-V); the root is harvested in early spring (III), fall (XI).

Drying: The herb is dried in ovens or in proper locations at 45-50 0C. Ratio 6:1; the root is dried in ovens at 60 0C. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic, bitter tonic.

Use: Fresh leaves reach in vitamin C, mineral substances etc. and used as salad. The roots as well have many substances and assist the good functioning of kidneys, liver, diabetes, stimulate appetite, protect the stomach, help against rheumatism etc.

Preparation and dosage: 4-5 g of herb or roots are taken as infusion or tincture 3 times a day.