Description: Biennial herbaceous plant up to 2 m high, with large ovate basal leaves, longitudinal inverted densely covered with hairs. Yellow flower grouped up the steam with yarn fringe of white hair.

Distribution throughout Kosovo: In dry sunny places, near roads and in rural areas.

Parts used: Flower (Verbasci flos), sometimes the leaves (Verbasci folium).

Harvest time: Flowers and leaves harvested in summer (VI-VIII)

Drying: Drying of roots is made in ovens with temperatures of 450C. Ratio: 7:1.

Therapeutic category: Respiratory.

Use: Flowers are used for the treatment of respiratory tract, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and skin diseases.

Preparation and dosage: Daily dosage up to 4 g. (4 X 1 ) dried flower per day, boiled in hot water and used as tea.