Description: Annual herbaceous plant up to 1 m high, with quadrangular stalk. Crenulated or pinnate leaves. Flowers without petioles, small with rose colour rarely white placed in long spikes which form a panicle floral.

Distribution in Kosovo: In grasslands of hilly mountain areas, near the roads and rural areas.

Parts used: Aerial part (Verbenae herba).

Harvest time: Herb harvested during summer (VI-IX).

Drying: Drying is done in ovens in temperatures 45-500C. Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic, expectorant, bitter tonic.

Use: Used against migraine, nervousness, as a diuretic against fever, asthma and inflammation in the treatment of epilepsy and mental disorders.

Preparation and dosage: Daily dosage up to 1.5 g dried herb per day, boiled in 150 ml hot water and taken as tea.