Description: Perennial herbaceous plant, 30-90cm. The whole plant is in grey – white colour, with strong scent. Leaves densely covered with white silky hairs and spikes 1 mm wide. Heads with a diameter of 3-4 mm. Yellow flowers in pyramid shape.

Distribution throughout Kosovo: Roadsides, grassy places, stone-flinty places and is cultivated.

Parts used: Entire aerial part (Absinthii herba).

Harvest time: Herb is harvested during the summer (VI-VIII).

Drying: Sun-dried, dried in cool rooms or ovens in layers up to 20 cm, in a temperature up to450C. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Bitter tonic

Use: Traditionally used for appetite stimulation, against stomach and intestines ulcer. Also used for curing local skin diseases.

Preparation and dosage: 3 g of dried extract are added to the boiling water and taken before the meal.