Agroproduct has 5 different zones certified by our control body and allowance to collect the products from the Ministry of KS for wild-collected products. These zones are known for their high value of biodiversity, most of these areas are under national administration, and until nowadays there hasn’t been any sort of treatment from the Forest Agency, they only use mechanical measures to preserve and maintain the forest. In this list of zones, there are areas that are also declared as national parks, most common types of trees grown here are beech, oak, pine,poplar, and willow, and there is also a lot of space with meadows and grassland. These areas are unpopulated, with an altitude of over 800m, there is no intense agriculture developed there and there are no contamination sources.

We collect around 60 products from wild collection that are considered Medicinal aromatic plants. There is a manual established by our company for sustainable collection for wild harvesters, and also there is a cultivation manual. Also, the effect of wild collection is often valuated during the monitoring process. There is a functional monitoring plan, which is always accompanied by photos from the field.