Agroproduct-shpk is the leading company in Kosovo and beyond for the cultivation, collection and processing of aromatic medicinal plants and mountain fruits. Our company was founded in 2002, while today it triumphs in this field of business with 40 different types of cultivated plants, and 60 types of wild-collected plants all with organic certification. Agroproduct-shpk exports aromatic and medicinal plants to European countries such as: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France and Great Britain, at the beginning of 2018 we have started cooperating with the USA and Canada. Initially, the certification of cultivated and collected plants was provided by the Swiss certification body “Bio.inspecta” from 2009-2011. Now our company is certified with standards as EU-Bio 834/2007, Bio Suisse, bi-OS for seeds and seedlings, FairWild standard, and it has also been licensed since 2009 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Kosovo (MAFRD) for the cultivation and collection of plants and forest products. Agroproduct-shpk has developed a unique system that cannot be found anywhere in the Southeast Europe, where through this system the collection of fresh plants is realized on a daily basis. First, the quality of the product is checked upon receipt, and then the plants are dried
artificially with a controlled temperature, preserving the values of the plants during drying. Thanks to this developed system, and the high quality of these products, Agroproduct has become a strategic partner, enabling long-term contracts with the most prestigious international companies. Our company has developed modern infrastructure, including 5000m2 investment in processing facilities, storage and modern dryers with a surface area of 300m2. Agroproduct now has 61 permanent workers and about 20 seasonal workers. The company has established around 40 collection points throughout the territory of Kosovo, around 370 contracted collectors spread over the entire territory of Kosovo, and through this system thousands of Kosovar families