Description: Groundcover bush 30 – 150 cm, with broadleaves resistant to cold weather (winter), 12-30X 4-12 mm. White flowers (petals), with the pink top. When ripened, the fruit is red. itflowers from May to June.

Distribution in Kosovo: Distributed mainly in sunny places, in pastures and rocks of subalpine and alpine zone of Sharr Mountains and the Albanian Alps.

Parts used: Leaves (Uvae ursi folium).

Harvest time: Young leaves are harvested during VII-X.

Drying: Sun-dried, in cool rooms or ovens with thin layers, in a temperature up to 50 0C. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Antiseptic.

Use: Traditionally used for washing-out bacteria from kidneys and urinary tract.

Preparation and dosage: The grinded dried leaves are added to 200 ml boiling water. Drink up to three glasses per day, no longer than a week. This must not be repeated more than 5 times per year.