Sweet wormwood

Description: Annual herbaceous plant growing up to 2 m. Stem leaves are of ovate spikes. Hemispherical capitulum, wide panicle, with yellow or yellowish colour. Glabrous plant.

Distribution in Kosovo: Grassy places, barren.

Parts used: Herb, seeds.

Harvest time: The whole plant is harvested during the summer (VI-VII).

Drying: Dried in cool rooms or ovens in layers up to 20 cm, in a temperature up to 45 0C. 4:1ratio.

Therapeutic category: Used against malaria, and various cancers as tonic and antibiotic.

Use: Used as a tea at a high daily dose of 5 g, or lower daily dose of 1.25 g. High-dose is recommended in the acute-level of the disease and low dose is recommended for normal-level of the disease. The duration of treatment depends on the disease. Add the extract in a litter of boiling water, and then leave it for at least 15 minutes to cool down and drink during the day. Artemisinini is used against malaria.

Preparation and dosage: Shred 5 g of dried leaves of Artemisia. Mix four teaspoons of shredded dried leaves with yogurt or honey and consume throughout the day.

High dose: Mix 5 g of dried leaves (or 25 g of fresh leaves) or 4 spoons of milled leaves with yogurt or honey and consume throughout the day. This therapy should be used 7 to 10 days regularly.

Low dose: Add 1.25 g of dried leaves (or 6.5 g of fresh leaves) in at least 200 ml boiling water. Consume it in a big cup before breakfast and a big cup after breakfast.