Description: Perennial herbaceous plant growing up to 1 m, with pinnate and spiked leaves. It has ovate or longitudinal heads, up to 5 mm in a branched panicle. It has a reddish-brown crown.

Distribution in Kosovo: Next to roadsides, in grass areas, arable and cultivated land.

Parts used: The leaves, aerial parts and rarely roots.

Harvest time: The herb and leaves are harvested during the summer (VI-VIII).

Drying: Sun-dried, dried in cool rooms or ovens in layers up to 20 cm, in a temperature up to 50 0C. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Used in curing stomachic and intestines diseases; also used as aromatic bitter.

Use: Traditionally used against neuroses, depression, concerns and regulation of the menstrual cycle. It is also used in restoring the appetite.

Preparation and dosage: Add 2 gram of dried herb in 0.5l of boiling water. Once drained, take as tea 3, times per day.