Description: Perennial herbaceous plant (Geophyte), 25-40 cm, with horizontal bulb up to 2 cm. The leaves bald are 10-20 cm, lanceolate to arrow shape, usually shiny and often with blackish spots. Flower petiole have at least 2/3 of the length of petiole. Spathe is 10-20 cm, yellow togreen, often with purple lips and spots. Rumi ½ lengths of Spathe purple spadix, which is rarely yellow. Sterile flowers. Fruits are 3-4 cm.

Distribution in Kosovo: In forests and next to mountainous areas.

Parts used: Root (radix)

Harvest time: Harvested in autumn or in early spring, before the vegetative period.

Drying: Dried in artificial dryer, in 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic and stimulant, but not for long and the given dose by doctor or pharmacist.

Use: The dried roots are used as diaphoretic and expectorant, rheumatoid. In traditional medicine, fresh roots are used for rheumatic joint pain relief.