Description: Perennial herbaceous plant, up to 20 cm tall, with creeping roots, spade-shaped rosette leaves, stems without leaves with only one flower, whereas side flowers are white or rose colour and central flowers and of gold colour.

Distribution in Kosovo: In meadows and valleys from low, mountainous and subalpine area.

Parts used:  flower (Bellidi flos)

Harvest time: flowers are harvested from March to July.

Drying: Flowers should be dried in cool rooms or ovens in thin layers, in temperature up to 50 0C. Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic, blood and lung cleanser.

Use: Strengthens the prostate, cleans the blood and lungs, and heals internal and skin injuries.

Preparation and usage: Dried extract is added to boiling water and is drunk as tea 3 times per day, no longer than 8 days