Description: perennial herbaceous plant, 10-40 cm, with strong but short rhizome and with rosette leaves. Leaves are long, narrow and with short petiole. Flowers are placed in the cob, the bottom flowers of the cob are the first flowers to blossom.

Distribution in Kosovo:  It grows in grassy areas, meadows, pastures and in humid places.

Parts used:  Leaves (Plantaginis lanceolatae folium).

Harvest time: Leaves are harvested from May-June (V-IX).

Drying:  shall be done in ovens or in cool places, at temperatures up to 50 oC. Ratio: 6: 1.

Therapeutic category: Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, diuretic.

Use: used as a tea against cough, bronchitis, lung disease and bleeding.

Preparation and dosage: 3×2 g of dried leaves boiled in hot water over the day and used as tea.