Common poppy

Description: annual herbaceous plant, 25-1m tall, with flowers of blood-red colour; red petals with a black spot at base. Capsules of 1-2 cm, ovate or spheroid shape; the stigma is a disc with 8-12 rays (18). The stem is covered with overtly hairs – horizontal

Distribution in Kosovo: in wheat fields, arable plots, roadside grass areas

Parts used:  Petals, seeds.

Harvest time: May-June

Drying: shall be done in the ovens or in cool places, at temperatures up to 45 oC. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: fragrant, dyestuff.

Use: Flowers have been used as dyestuff as well as for treatment of mild pain caused by earache, toothache or neuralgia, and as an infusion made of petals which has traditionally been taken against coughs, insomnia, etc.

Preparation and dosage: Seeds are used as a flavouring aromatize in cakes, bread, fruit salads;  by giving a very good flavour.