Broadleaf plantain

Description: perennial shrubby plant, 5-30 cm, with leaves placed in the rosette. Leaves are with 3-9 veins, glabrous or pubescence. The petiole is same or shorter than leaf blade. Flower petiole same as blade or greater. The cob is 5-12 cm. The tube of cupules is about 2 mm, glabrous and ovate. Stamens of 2-3 mm come out of the cupules.

Distribution in Kosovo:  It grows in grassy areas, meadows, pastures and in humid places.

Parts used:  Leaves (Plantaginis major folium).

Harvest time: Leaves are harvested from May-September (V-IX).

Drying:  shall be done in ovens and cools places, at temperatures up to 45 0C.  Ratio: 6:1.

Therapeutic category: Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, diuretic.

Use: leaves are used to prepare tea against cough, bronchitis, lung diseases and bleeding, whereas cob is used against kidney sand and stones.

Preparation and dosage: Tea is prepared from dried mass with usage of 2-4gr or 3-6gr of dried mass per day.  It can also be used fresh, or as expectorant or bronchospasmolytic.