Description: It is a perennial herbaceous plant, up to 2m tall, with long and thick roots. Large hairy leaves, spiked up to the middle and with long petioles. Crown has 5 petals bigger than calyx. It has many stamens and round ovary. The fruit is multipart mericarp with one seed.  It flowers from May to August. The whole plant is covered with dense hair.

Distribution in Kosovo: In humid places and near water channels.

Parts used: Root (Althaeae radix), flowers (Althaeae flos), and leaves (Althaeae folium).

Harvest time: Roots of biennial or triennial plants are harvested in autumn (X-XI) and spring (II-IV). Flowers and leaves are harvested in spring and summer.

Drying: Dried in cool rooms or ovens in layers up to 20 cm, in a temperature up to 50 0C (leaves and flowers), up to 60 0C (root). Ratio: 4:1 (root), 5:1 (leaf), 6:1 (flower).

Therapeutic category: Anti-irritant, expectorant.

Use: Traditionally it has been used against a cough, cold, ulcers, inflammation of the mouth, throat and lungs.

Preparation and dosage:  It is recommended the use of 6 g roots or 5 g leaves – which are prepared as a tea in lukewarm water.