Wild garlice

Description: Is a bulbous perennial herbaceous plant 4×1 cm, almost spherical. The stem 10-50 cm, usually double cornered and half cylinder, sometimes three-cornered. Leaves 2-3, blade 6-20cm x 15-80 cm, almost elliptical to ovate, sharppointed extending to a long-stemmed and a rounded base or heart-shaped gat. Umbel 2.5-6 cm in diameter, with 6-20 loosed flower, peduncle 10-15 mm. Segments of around flower 7-12 mm x 2-2.5 mm, white, lance-shaped sharppointed. Pointed around 7 mm. Capsule 3-4 mm. Blooms V-VI.  Makes the fruit VII-VII, reproduced by seed and bulb.

Distribution in Kosovo: Abanian Alps, Istog mountains, Sharri mountain.

Parts used: Entire plant

Harvest time: Leaves are harvested during May-June , Bulb in Autumn (August – September)

Drying: Leaves are dried in oven under the temperature up to 450C, whereas bulbs in 500C.

Therapeutic category: Stomachic, diuretic.

Use: The leaves and bulbs used for curing skin diseases, stomach, high blood pressure, improve appetite, etc.

Preparation and dose: for ordinary use, leaves and bulbs are used as fresh or as combined salad with other vegetables.