Description: Woody plant up to 30 m high. Leaves are glabrous at the bottom side; only in the edges of the veins have hair tufts of rust colour, 3-9 cm. The floral consist of 4-15 flowers. The fruit is about 6 mm.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in forests of hilly and mountainous area, also as ornamental in parks and across the streets.

Parts used: The flower with bracts (Tilia flos).

Harvest time: Flowers together with bracts are harvested as soon as the flowers start blossoming, and the harvest is done when all flowers bloomed. (V-VI).

Drying: Drying is made in ovens or in convenient locations at 45-50 0C. Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: Mild sedative, sudorific (diaphoretic).

Use: Lime tea enables sweating during cold or flu and strengthens the body. Other types of lime have almost the same effect.

Preparation and dosage: 3 X 1.7 g. of dried flower per day is mixed in boiling water and taken as tea.