Description: Shrub or tree up to 10 m tall, with leaves with long 3-7 sharp spikes or almost leafless. It has complete and lanceolate leaflets. The diameter of flowers is 8-15 mm, placed in corymb. Stigma of the ovary 1. Fruit is 6-10 mm, red and with pit

Distribution in Kosovo: Distributed in oak woods, brushy areas and barren areas.

Parts used: Leaf with flower (Crataegi folium cum flore) and fruit (Crataegi fructi)

Harvesting: Leaves and flowers are harvested upon flowering. (V-VI): 6:1 ratio, whereas fruits are harvested in autumn (X-XI),

Drying: Dried in ovens in temperature up to 500C, or in places with air draft. Ratio. 3:1.

Therapeutic category: Cardiotonics

Use: Hawthorn products are used in healing the heart disease and cardiac insufficiency (NYHA level I and II).