Description: Annual plant, with little hair, or glabrous. It has a simple or branched stem, 30-60 cm. rosette of lobed leaves at the base, with long-stemmed; stem grasping leaves. White or pink flowers, and odourless. Petals 2-3 mm, nearly twice as sepals. Silique 6-9 mm. Stigma of the ovary 0.25 mm.

Distribution in Kosovo: In dried and grassy areas, as a common plant.

Parts used:  Aerial part (Bursae pastoris herba)

Harvest time: Herb is collected during the period when the plant is flowering, starting from March to the end of July.

Drying: Dried in ovens, in temperature up to 450C. Ratio: 4:1(herb)

Therapeutic category: Antihaemorrhagic, urinary antiseptic.

Use: Against haemorrhaging, diarrhoea, urinary tract stones, wounds and ear pain.

Preparation and dosage: Herb (3-5 gr of dried extract is added to a cup of boiling water or 10-15 gr per day). Traditionally used as a tea for internal and external use.

Statute: Pharm; Comm.E+.