German iris

Description: A perennial herbaceous plant growing up to 1 m high; with leaves that grow 30-35 cm wide and stalks that produce purple flowers on top, different from iris which grows in swampy places and bears yellow flowers.

Distribution in Kosovo : It grows in sunny places, meadows and is cultivated  in gardens.

Parts used :  Rhizome bark and rhizome (Iridis rhizoma).

Harvesting period : Rhizome is collected in late summer (August-September)

Drying: Is done in the oven at temperatures of up to 60 0C.  Ratio: 3:1.

Therapeutic category: Expectorant and emulgent.

Use(s): It contains etheric oils and oleic acid used in the treatment of lung diseases, chronic cough, asthma and emphysema.

Preparation and dosage: It is recommended for use only in combination with other plants.

Statute: Traditional medicine; Pharm.