St. John’s wort

Description: Perennial herbaceous plant growing 30-100 cm, branched in the upper section. The stem has only a few leaves and many flowers that cluster at the upper branches. Leaves are ovate or linear up to 3 cm long.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in uncultivated areas, meadows, pastures, forest clearings, etc.

Part(s) used:  Stem and flowers (Hyperici herba)

Harvesting period: The stem and flowers are harvested with a reaping hook during summer (June-August)

Drying: Is done in the oven at temperatures of up to 50 0C.  Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Antidepresant, sedative.

Use(s): It is used for treatment of anxiety, depression, burn wounds, gastric diseases, urogenital channel and cervical infections.

Preparation and dosage: Recommended doses are 5 g of dried herb in a 0.5 l cup of boiling water to be taken 3 times a day.