Description: Shrub plant up to 5 m with thorns and ovate elliptical leaves. Blooms in April, flowers are white while fruits are spherical and blue.

Distribution in Kosovo: grows in roadsides, uncultivated places etc.

Parts used:  Flower (Pruni spinosae flos) and fruit (Pruni spinosae fructus)

Harvest time: Flowers shall be harvested in April whereas fruits in Autumn (X).

Drying:  shall be done in ovens or in cool places, in the following temperatures: flowers up to 45 0C, fruits 600C.  Ratio: 6:1 (flowers), 3:1 (fruits)

Therapeutic category: Astringent, diuretic.

Use: Fruits are used against inflammations, for treatment of mouth, throat, respiratory system then it tightens the stomach, increases appetite and relieves stomach cramps.

Preparation and dosage: 2×2 g of dried flowers boiled with boiling water and used as tea, or stew 4 g of fruit and use as tea.