Wild pear

Description: Deciduous plant reaching 5-20 m in height, with branches rich in thorns, new gray-brownish branches. The leaves are elliptical, ovate or spherical in shape,  sphenoid or heart shape at the base,  serrated margins all around or on top only. Elliptical to spherical petals (10-17 x 7-13 mm fruit reaches 3-5 cm in diameter, yellow brown or black in colour. Calyx is stable in the fruit.

Distribution in Kosovo:  grows in shrubs and degraded forests.

Parts used:  fruit harvested after true ripe in autumn

Harvest time: Fruits are harvested in October-November.

Drying: shall be done in ovens or in cool places, in temperature of 60 0C. Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: astringent

Use: It is used as an additive in various food products and refreshing drinks due to its pleasant aroma.  

Preparation and dosage: There is no important prescription for medical use.