Description: Perennial herbaceous plant up to 2 m high, with short and thick rhizome from which derive very thin roots. Pinnate leaves divided in 7-8 segments, lower part with petioles and upper part with no petioles. Small flowers, white-pink grouped at the top of stalk, in corymbs floral.

Distribution in Kosovo: In Kosovo is rarely found in humid places, meadows, forests from hilly areas to subalpine areas.

Parts used: : The root and rhizome (Valerianae radix).

Harvest time: The root and rhizome harvested in autumn (IX-X) or early in spring (II-IV).

Drying: Drying of roots is done in ovens in temperatures of 600C. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Sedative.

Use: Roots are used in treatment of nervous system, epilepsy, stomach, heart rate, increased appetite, blood cleaning, removing stones from the kidney, overcoming menopause, climax, etc.

Preparation and dosage: Daily dose up to 10 g. (5 X 2), dried root per day boiled in hot water and used as tea.