Wild Bilberry

Description: Sub-shrub plant up to 80 cm high. Soft green leaves in crenulated ovate shape. Campanula flowers, rose to white colour. The fruit is blue-black.

Distribution in Kosovo: Quite common in subalpine area of the Albanian Alps and Sharr.

Parts used: Leaf (Myrtilli folium) and fruit (Myrtilli fructus).

Harvest time: The leaves are harvested during summer and autumn (VIII-X), whereas the fruits in summer (VIII-X).

Drying: Drying of leaves is done in ovens or proper locations in 45-50 0C. Ratio: 6:1, whereas fruits in temperatures of 600C. Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Antiaretic, antioxidant.

Use: The leaves are used to cure the cough and diabetes whereas the fruit has many anthocyanins, which have anti-oxidative effect against bleeding, treatment of mucosa of the mouth, throat, stomach, etc.

Preparation and dosage: 3 X 1 g dried leaves per day boiled in hot water and used as tea.