King Bolete

Description: Edible mushroom of high quality and importance. Its cap is 7-30 cm wide of brown or dark brown colour. Its stem is 8-25 cm long of white or almost light brown colour.

Distribution in Kosovo: Very common in oak, chestnut and beech forests, especially in forests with little light penetration.

Parts used: Cap and stem.

Harvest time: They are harvested fresh in birch baskets during spring summer and autumn (V-X). Dried mushrooms must be packed in cardboard boxes, paper bags or wooden crates. After drying, they must be classified as first or second class. Their conservation is done by boiling them for 15-20 minutes in boiling water and adding table salt and citric acid.

Drying: They are sliced thin and then put in the oven or out in the sun.

Use: Used as dietary food or as a seasoning in various foods.