Black elder

Description: A shrub and rarely a tree up to 6 m high. The stalk and branches are gray, the wood has a white pith in the middle. Leaves consist of 7 leaflets. Flowers are located in umbrella floral up to 30 cm. When ripe, fruits are purple almost black with three seeds and dark red latex.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in rich soil near streams and on the edge of forests.

Parts used:  Flowers (Sambuci flos) and the fruit (Sambuci fructus).

Harvest time: Flowers are harvested in May.

Drying: They should stand in the sunshine at least 2-3 hours, before being placed in the oven. Flowers are dried at 45 0C. Ratio: 6:1.

Therapeutic category: Antiseptic, astringent, carminative.

Use: It is used as tea against perspiration, cleanup of urinary tract, relief of cough etc.

Preparation and dosage: 10 g. of fruits in 100 ml boiling water. It is used during the day.