Wild Pansy

Description: Annual herbaceous plant with branched stalk, growing 20-30 cm. Lower leaves of heart-shaped or ovate, having its edge finely toothed. Purple, yellow or mixed colours flowers.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in places with grass, shrubs and open areas, up to alpine area.

Parts used: Surface part (Violae tricoloris herba), root (Violae tricoloris radix)

Harvest time: Herb harvesting during spring (IV-VII), while root during autumn (IX-X).

Drying: Herb dries at temp. 45-500C. Ratio: 7:1, the roots at temp. 60 0C; Ratio: 5.5:1.

Therapeutic category: Skin treatment (eczema)

Use: Used in the treatment of skin diseases (eczemas and acnes) and bronchitis.

Preparation and dosage: For external use 4 g fresh herb in 150 ml hot water.