Elderberry tree

Description: Perennial herbaceous plant up to 2 m high. The stalk is straight, usually simple. Leaflets are longitudinal and longitudinal-lanceolate, sawn, glabrous in the upper side, pubescent in the bottom side. The floral is of 5-16 cm diameter, corymb that looks like an umbrella. White corolla, rarely rosy from the outside. Spherical black fruit, 4-6 mm.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in uncultivated lands and along roadsides.

Parts used:  The fruit (Sambuci fructus) and flowers (Sambuci flos).

Harvest time: Flowers are harvested in May. Fruits are harvested during July-August when they the black colour.

Drying: Fruits are dried in ovens at 50 0C. Ratio: 6:1.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic, laxative, traditionally as diaphoretic.

Use: Medical and dyestuff plant. Flowers are used against perspiration and urination with difficulties whereas fruits help in respiratory system and as a diuretic.