Description: Perennial herbaceous plant with sprawling rhizomes, 10-70 cm pedicle.  Separatedpinnate leaves 0.5-1.2 cm wide, pubescence at some extent. Wrapping bracts almost glabrous;. White to yellow flowers placed in capitulum 3 – 5 mm in diameter, placed on dense corymbs.

Distribution in Kosovo: widespread in meadows and dry places with grass.

Parts used: Entire aerial part (Millefolii herba) or only flower tops (Millefolii flos)

Harvest time: upon the flowering stage (MaySeptember), cutting is done with reaping hook or scissors.

Drying: Flowers and Herb shall be dried in the drying oven in temp 45-50 0C or under the shade.  Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic.

Use: anti-arthritis, asthma, hemorrhoids, improve appetite, anti-gas in the digestive organs etc.

Preparation and dosage: for internal use 4 g herb or 3 g flowers in 100 ml water are prepared as a tea and shall be taken 3 cups a day. For external use: 100 g herb mixed in 20 liters of water.