Wild Thyme

Description: Half-shrub plant with a stalk almost raised and prostrated,  without sprawling branches bearing stem. Stalk 25-40 cm, sometimes branched, fleecy only on angles. Leaves 18 x 10 mm, are oval or longitudinal-lanceolate, usually sphenoid blunt, eyelash type at the base. Campanile calyx 3-4 mm. Corolla around 6 mm, rose-purple.

Distribution in Kosovo: Grows mainly in dry pastures of mountainous areas.

Parts used: Aerial parts-herb (herba thyme).

Harvest time: The herb is harvested at the end of April untill August (V-VIII).

Drying: The herb is dried in ovens or proper locations in 45-50 0C. Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: Expectorant, spasmodic, antibiotic.

Use: Used against cold and respiratory inflammation.

Preparation and dosage: 1-4 g dried herb per day is boiled in hot water and used as tea.

Status: Traditional medicine, Pharm.; Comm.E+.