Description: Perennial herbaceous plant 5-20 cm high with green colour. Rounded leaves with petiole 1-5 cm. The purple and aromatic flowers are with spur.

Distribution in Kosovo: In places with shrubs and forests of hilly mountain areas.

Parts used: Aerial part (Violae odoratae herba), root (Violae  odoratae radix)

Harvest time: The herb harvested during spring (III-V), root during autumn (IX-X).

Drying: The herb is dried in oven with temperatures 45-500C. Ratio 8:1, roots with temperatures 60 0C. Ratio:5:1.

Therapeutic category: Skin treatment (Eczema)

Use: Used in treating skin diseases (eczema and acne) and bronchitis.

Preparation and dosage: Daily dosage: 1.5 g. dried herb boiled in 150 ml hot water and taken as tea 3 times a day. For external use, 4 g fresh herb`s in 150 ml hot water.