True morel

Description: It is an edible mushroom of high quality, 8-12 cm of height with empty cap inside. The cap has conic shape from where it was named after. The outer part of the cap is soft with structures similar to polygon. The cap is usually brown or dark brown in colour.

Spread out in Kosovo. It mainly grows in high mountainous grassy areas within coniferousforest (forest of spruce and fir), often in places where there was fire.

Consumable parts: The entire portion above the ground (handle and the cap)

Harvesting: It should not be harvested in the places where there was fire in the first year. It needs to be harvested early in the spring while snow is melting (V-IX)

Drying: The entire plant should be dried (not cut into slices) in dryer or in sun.

Use: it is used as dietic food or spices in different foods.