Stinging nettle

Description: Perennial herbaceous plant 30-150 cm, with grasping stump, usually dioecious, covered spicy hairs. The leaves are up front, ovate, rarely lanceolate, crenulated in the heart shape. Floral up to 10 cm, branched. Female flowers with two short external parts and two internal parts, twice longer than the external.

Distribution in Kosovo: Quite common in rural areas, near dwellings, in wastelands etc. from hilly to alpine area.

Parts used: Aerial parts (herb) or the Leaf (Urticae herba, – folium) and root (Urticae radix)

Harvest time: In lower areas the harvesting begins in April and in higher areas during VII-VIII.

Drying: Drying is done in ovens or proper locations in (herb) 45-50 0C, root in 500C. Ratio: 4:1

Therapeutic category: Anti-rheumatism (herb and leaves), urological (root)

Use: Nutritional and medicinal plant used against bleeding, ulcers of the stomach and intestines, against anaemia and rheumatic diseases..

Preparation and dosage: 8 X 12 g dried leaves or herb is boiled in hot water and used as tea or recommended 4-6 gr roots per day taken as tea.