Spiny restharrow

Description: Almost a shrub 20-70 cm, with stiffly-spiny erect stems facing down and rare glands attached and usually with spikes. Mainly trifoliate elliptical leaves, noteched sides, sharp lissome stipule. Solitary flowers rarely two in each node. Calyx with glandular furry covering.Crown 6-10 mm, pink or purple. Beans 6-10 mm.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in dry flinty places or in hilly dry grassland.

Parts used: Dried roots collected during autumn (Ononidis radix)

Harvest time: Root harvested during autumn and summer (IX-XI)

Drying: It should be done in oven or in fresh places, in temperature up to 55 0C.  Ratio: 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic.

Use: It is used against infection of urine bladder and urinary tracts since ancient times, and it is used even nowadays.

Preparation and dose: 2-2.5 gr. roots, grinded soaked in a boiling water and used as tea intake several time a day.