Monk’s Hood

Description: A herbaceous perennial plant growing tall and branchy stem, thick roots and green torn leaves in 3-5 segments to the root. The flowers are dark purple to bluish–purple.

Distribution in Kosovo: Sharri mountains, Albanian Alps, it also grows in other parts of Europe, Asia and wider.

Parts used: Roots (radix), rarely leaves.

Harvest time: during Autumn or in early spring before the vegetation period starts.

Drying: In drying oven at 50-60 0C

Therapeutic category: External use, antirheumatic and antineuralgic.

Use: Aconitum is used as granule in dose of 0.1 mg of granule to treat facial neuralgias. Its roots are also used as analgesic, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.

Preparation and dosage: used in diluted tincture or with high concentration in treating rheumatism and neuralgia.