Male fern

Description: A perennial herbaceous plant with pinnate fronds 30-120 cm. First row blades very wide, fully attached on the base. Pinnae lanceolate. Sori in one row between midrib and margin, on the upper half of the frond, on both sides of the nervures.

Distribution in Kosovo: It is found in flinty areas with grass pastures, wastelands from the lowlands to the mountains.  

Parts used: herb.

Harvest time: May to September.

Drying: is done in the oven at temperatures of up to 450C or in places with good air circulation. Ratio: flowers 4:1.

Therapeutic category: Anthelmintic

Use (s): Leaves are used as anthelmintic but it has been proven to be slightly toxic; now is replaced by other drugs that are less toxic and more effective. Anthelmintic activity is claimed to be due to flavaspidik acid, a floroglucinolik derivate.