Description: A herbaceous plant that grows 20-40 cm tall, has two types of stems: spore-bearing stems (up to 5 mm diameter) of off-white or rust brown colour emerging in early spring and sterile stems of bluish colour to brownish green.

Distribution in Kosovo: Found in wet lands, wastelands, cultivated fields etc.

Parts used:  herb (Equiseti herba)

Harvest time: Early summer (June-July) when stems are still fresh and green. Ratio 5:1.

Drying: is done in the oven at temperatures of up to 500C or in places with good air circulation. Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic, antibacterial.

Use(s): used as a diuretic in urinary tract infections, fights bacteria, cleanses the kidneys etc.

Preparation and dosage: For internal use 2-4 g of dried mass daily in boiling water as a tea three times a day. For external use; 10 g / 1 l of water.

Statute: Traditional medicine; Pharm.; Comm.E+.