German chamomile

Description: Annual herbaceous plant 15-60 cm. With thin roots and narrow pinnate leaves divided 2-3 times. Flowers with characteristic flavour in the flowerhead, when cut it creates an empty space.  

Spread out in Kosovo: It grows nearby the roads and flinty places where stepped on.

Consumable parts: Flowers (Matricaria flos)

Harvesting: flowers are harvested during the spring and summer (V-VIII)

Drying: It should be done in oven or in fresh places, in temperature up to 45 0C.  Ratio: 5:1.

Therapeutic category: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative.

Use: Is used against inflammation of mucous and skin, stomach gases, cramps and sedative etc.

Preparation and dose: 2 g dried flower in a glass boiled with boiled water, covered for 5 minutes and then used as tea.