Dog rose

Description: Shrubs ranging from 1-3 m, elevated with green stems. Very strong spikes (thorns), arched with extended end. With 5-7 sessile leaflets, ovate or elliptical shaped, glabrous and without glands, with simple or doubled tooth.

Flowers are solitary or scarce in corymbs. The fruit is red and glabrous of 10-20 mm diameter, spherical or elliptical shape.

Distribution in Kosovo: It grows in shrubs or fences along the margins of arable plots, or margins of forests.

Parts used:  Fruit, seeds (achene fruits) (Rosae pseudofructus), dried flowers and essential oils extracted from flowers.

Harvest time: Fruits and seeds (achenes), shall be harvested in late summer and autumn when ripen, flowers are harvested upon flowering.

Drying: Fruits and seeds are dried in oven in temperature of 55 0C. Ratio: 6:1.  Flowers are dried under shade or in ovens in temperature of  400C.

Therapeutic category: Diuretic.

Use: Fruits have traditionally been used to prepare tea for treatment of gastrointestinal inflammations.  The seeds are used as a diuretic.

Preparation and dosage: 2-2.5g of crushed fruits, 1-2 gr of suppressed seeds, 1-2 g of dried petals in a glass of boiling water.