Description: A perennial herbaceous plant growing up to 80-100 cm tall. It has pinnate semi stem grasping leaves and thick roots. 11-10 mm capitulum.  Florets are light blue, three times the size of capitula.

Distribution in Kosovo: Grows in flinty areas with grass pastures, wastelands from the lowlands to the mountains.

Parts used:  herb in extract form (Chelidonii herba), sometimes the root (Chelidonii radix).

Harvest time: May to September, the root in autumn (September-November).

Drying: is done in the oven at temperatures of up to 450C (flower), root up to 60 0C or in places with good air circulation. Ratio: flowers 6: 1, root: 3: 1.

Therapeutic category: Tonic, laxative, diuretic etc.

Use(s): It has traditionally been used to treat biliary and kidney stones, for blood purification and for rheumatism.

Preparation and dosage: 40 g of dry mass are prepared in 1l of boiling water, 1 cup be taken 3 times a day. Modern medicine recommends 600-900 mg (extract)/daily. Extract is added to boiling water and a cup is taken 3 times a day. To be taken for at least 6 weeks.